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Is regular cleaning different then the end of lease cleaning?

Regular cleaning, it’s different from end of lease cleaning or moving out cleaning in other words. Regular cleaning, it involves basic daily tasks like maintenance of house, moping and cleaning and it also referred as domestic cleaning. And on the other side, End of Lease Cleaning, can carried out on a six-month period basis or yearly basis and is usually conducted by Bond Cleaners in Brisbane.

Regular Cleaning:

Regular cleaning is basically carried out to accomplish maintenance of the cleanliness and tidiness in the house. It’s performed to make sure the dirt is away, and house is bacteria free. Which are totally regular cleaning stuff.

  • Mopping up and vacuuming the floors.
  • Cleaning kitchen and doing dishes.
  • Cleaning bathrooms – floor, sink and toilet etc.
  • Cleaning up and mopping rooms.
  • Dusting & doing Laundry.

End of Lease Cleaning:

End of Lease Cleaning, is quite different then regular cleaning, as it goes a bit further. It includes cleaning the house and make sure things goes back to the way they were in original either tenant moved in or moved out.

  • Cleaning up the kitchen and all of it’s appliance such as dish washer and oven. Eliminating grime and stain that builds up beneath the sink, inside the fridge and oven etc.
  • Cleaning up windows and doors from inside and outside.
  • Cleaning up or washing up curtains.
  • Deep clean of furniture.
  • Detailed cleaning and dusting of the areas including corners of rooms and cobwebs.
  • Dirt removal from bathrooms includes, bathroom tiles, showerhead and taps.
  • Wall washing.
  • Cleaning up ceilings includes lights and fans.
  • All the gutters are checked for blockages and gets cleaned up.
  • Outdoor cleaning includes garden and garage etc.
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